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Tips for easy cleaning of the bathroom

We often want to clean the bathroom in an environmentally friendly way without requiring the use of strong chemicals. Unfortunately, however, this is not always possible, as some dirt can be uncomfortably stubborn. Here are some tips on how to overcome the annoying spots that limestone forms on your tiles, as well as soap deposits and limescale.

Limestone is almost impossible to clean without a detergent

Although many say cleaning can be done by other means, such as vinegar. Here, however, we will advise you on how to clean it with a suitable detergent.

In the shop ask for a limescale preparation. Buy it and apply it as follows: Spray the affected Image of Cleanlinessareas and let the chemicals work for about 10 minutes. Do not try to treat the place immediately because it will probably not be that efficient. Most people make this mistake, and then say the preparations do not work. They are actually very effective, but if you use them properly.If you’re dealing with soap stains, it’s a very different way. What removes limestone may be helpless to the soap. Usually, preparations containing bleach have a pretty big effect. But attention! Be cautious!

Always use gloves and protect your eyes

Put on protective goggles, because if they get into the eye, these preparations can be quite dangerous! The advantages of bleach preparations are that besides the ability to remove all persistent soap deposits, they will also clean up and destroy the spores that cause mold (you know whitewash is a big foal enemy and molds in general).

How to remove limescale from taps

Another thing you need to know is how to clean the faucets of the shower and the tap. They are also cleaned with special detergents. Experts say that if you clean at least once a week, the soap and limestone build-ups will not be that serious, and you can clean up with less powerful preparations and with less effort. Typical for bathroom faucets is that here, unlike tiles, vinegar is really extremely effective and can not only clean it perfectly, but also give a shine as if you just bought it from the store. Scratch good and make sure!

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The toilet bowl also needs a thorough cleaning with a detergent. What you most probably do not Image of WCknow is that you need to do this every day, however much you do not like the idea. The good news is that it will take half a minute and very little preparation, and the result will be a constantly fresh and refreshing toilet. Another tip on cleaning the toilet is to be careful not to spill the detergent out while brushing. If it drips out, it could damage your tiles or carpet (depending on what you use in the bathroom), and it will not be nice.