Image of house with garage

How to maintain the garage

The garage is a simple room and if it does not clutter with unnecessary items, it can easily be kept clean. The pollution depends on the frequency of use, whether it is used only for storing the vehicle, or for repair and other activities, whether there is a problem with the vehicle, such as leaks of oil, gasoline or other, as well as outside conditions. In rainy and muddy weather, the car puts more garbage into the garage…

To ensure the proper conditions for safe storage of your car, it must maintain a certain temperature so that it does Image of car in a garagenot freeze when it is cold and does not condense to temperature differences. Moisture is the cause of metal corrosion, and you hardly want it to hurt the car. That’s why the well-built garage has insulation and ventilation. It’s important to know when standing or buying a garage. If you notice the presence of moisture, mold, stucco, check what the problem is causing it or call a specialist.

The car and the garage are one of the family’s favorite things. It’s nice to enjoy your favorite car in a very clean garage. Give yourself that feeling …

How to clean garage floor oil stains

These spots are cleaned with light gasoline, benzene, carbon tetrachloride or other solvent in the way of cleaning stains of oil paints.

Cleaning stains of oil paints and linseed oil

  • Fresh stains of oil paints are moistened with a pine turpentine swab until they are fully softened (if hardened) and then removed with light gasoline.
  • Dried spots of oil paints are first smeared with vaseline or lard to soften, then cleaned with turpentine or light gasoline. Finally, they are rubbed with 10% ammonia solution until final removal and rinsed with water.